KKU Your Girls Are Gonna Save You !

On Tuesday afternoon 6th of march a few female students were gathered in the females’ campus at the King Khaled University (KKU) in Abha, Criticizing the deterioration of basic Facilities on campus like proper class rooms, Benches, tables, waste management; when they were verbally assaulted by the Female security guards calling them “Filthy Animals”& “Barking Dogs”. The girls responded to that by throwing empty water bottles & soda cans which was stacked all over the hallways. That was it for Tuesday .

On Wednesday Morning , My sister says that they were banned from bringing in or buying any water bottles or Any other refreshment; the dean instructions they said to punish them for throwing it at the guards. Around 10:45 AM the Guards grabbed one of the girls accusing her of hitting the guards and breaking the law, they were pulling her hair and dragging here on the stairs in the most humiliating way screaming and crying for help. Her friends, my sister included, rushed to help and pushed the guards away. This incidence triggered the demonstrations in the whole campus which was already sick of the corruption and ill-treatment of the dean and heads of departments . The girls were calling for an end to the university president Abdullah Alrashid’s era and held him responsible for all the ongoing corruption and deterioration for 13 years now.
An Hour later a dozen of security forces dressed as civilians accompanied by the campus security guards stormed the campus carrying batons started beating the girls which caused them to push each other trying to run away either to avoid getting beating up . That was, According to my sister, the main cause of fainting and some other injuries that said that it might reach up to 54 injured as Alwatan newspaper has claimed; the girls pulled themselves up and started stoning the assaulters with whatever they could put a hand on; until they succeeded to throw them out and closed the gates after them . The campus female guards also tried fire extinguishers and water hoses to force them apart but it turned out to be a bad idea as the girls snatched it and started hosing the guards away .

UPDATE 1  : Two videos Showing a broken window after breaking into the cafeteria; the other is showing girls screaming and gathering:

My sister eye witnessed the whole thing and got off easy with some bruises while she was defending her friends and I’m truly proud of her.

Personally, I think that If the government didn’t act and act fast, they could risk losing control over the whole situation; I know that We’re all used to be let down by our own country when it comes to rights and freedoms but lets just hope that it won’t this time .

6 comments on “KKU Your Girls Are Gonna Save You !

  1. […] 21:25: Wael Abdullah posted more details on his blog: On Wednesday Morning , My sister says that they were banned from bringing in or buying any water […]

  2. The French student demonstrations of 1968 were sparked off by protests over accomodation at Nanterre University, in the suburbs of Paris.

  3. Reblogged this on Joshua Teitelbaum and commented:
    Interesting women’s demo in Abha, KSA

    • Saleh says:

      Believe it or not women in Saudi have more political freedom because the security apparatus is mainly trained at men. If it were male students who did this, half would be in prison and the other half would be in hospital- or the grave. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police state establishes an all-female riot police squad to fill this “security” gap!

  4. evilsasarai says:

    hi, i am a lurker on your blog, you rarely update but i consider your blog to be one of a fellow saudi, so i drop by every once in a while.

    on this incident, i gotta admit it was a close call. had the government sided with the dean (also the just-in-time mid-term vacation helped a lot) the whole thing could’ve been a spark for a population the doesn’t realize it has hope (at least under the current king, then we’re pretty much f**ked).

    the protests were for a just cause, but i am afraid that some people have picked up on the cries of “RIOT” and are considering putting their fingers in the pie. i don’t like the sauds much, but i am deeply disturbed of what could replace them. we already have Iran and Afghanistan to learn from their experience in the middle east, things don’t need to get any shitty-er in lovely (yet very hot) Arabia.

  5. Mr.T says:

    for me it is matter of social movement for better future . In fact, the disclaiming of duty seems a bad policy and core for most of people incompliance especially from the responsible people who are thinking to be more glorified in media rather than in reality.

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